Top Five Reasons Yacht Charters In Bahamas Are Better

Brian Morris

Leading 5 Reasons Private yacht Charters In Bahamas Are Better

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The Bahamas is a chain of Islands located in the Caribbean sea. It is one set of over 700 islands that are simply waiting to be explored and also found in this deep green sea. There is no better means to experience them all than aboard among the leading yacht charters in Bahamas history.

There are lots of reasons to charter a private yacht the next time you wish to explore the Bahamas as well as the bordering Caribbean sea. The top ones provided below will give you a preference of the kind of true luxury that only be experienced with a private charter.

1. Personal privacy. If you truly want to get away from all of it on vacation, after that groups simply don’t suffice. You could be as private or social as you want as well as change your state of mind with the winds when you cruise an independently chartered ship with merely your closest friends and family.

2. Luxury. Accommodations on high-end cruises to the Bahamas resemble the globe’s finest hotels. Staterooms have all the amenities of Ritz or Four Season with parlours and also decks perfect for entertaining.

3. Versatility. If you discover that the climate just isn’t really right for purchasing in midtown Nassau, after that you have the choice of moving on promptly. You foretell on where you go as well as for how long you stay within the quantity of time you have actually scheduled your charter trip.

4. Prices Alternatives. A high-end yacht cruise is a costly way to travel, but if you know you are worth it as well as could afford it, it deserves every dime. Week-long trips vary in the mid-hundred thousand dollars price. This is all comprehensive, except possibly gratuities. It consists of a complete team and capable leader to make your trip comfy. Smaller cruising vessels are a lot more in line with a normal family holiday as far as price, yet not in regards to the new and interesting encounter of being at sea on your private trip.

5. New Experiences. There are some things you merely can’t experience on shore. The sea is an entire brand-new world of wildlife and outside activities. You can fish, view the colleges of exotic fish and also swim right in addition to them. Sun bathing on deck is a mixture of gentle breezes and also salted misty air that will turn you a golden toasted colour as it dissolves the anxieties left ashore. Without the disturbances of website traffic as well as travel plans, your cruising trip will make you really feel brand-new once more.

Getting There

You could begin your yacht charters in the Bahamas by scheduling a trip to Miami. Several charters dived in from this popular port. It may be a good idea to reserve a resort for the opening night in the city, to make sure that you can begin your cruise at a convenient early morning hr, fresh and prepared to face the sea.

Whether you plan to spend $100,000 or $5,000 for the week you will certainly discover adventure and luxury aboard a yacht, sailboat, or bareboat that will certainly provide your vacation home far from home. Each has a crew prepared and waiting to make this the holiday of a life time.

Cosmos Luxury Yacht Charter

Brian Morris

Cosmos Deluxe Private yacht Charter

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Preparation Your High-end Trip

With your budget plan in mind, it is easy to prepare a chartered yacht holiday. Business commonly have a fleet of sailing vessels that can fit celebrations of different dimensions. You might want to make it a more intimate trip with just close family members. There are charters that could be leased for as couple of as two individuals. These consist of either a sailboat or motorboat and can feature or without a staff as well as leader to sail the ship for you. If you choose not to hire a team, you will certainly will show that you are knowledgeable of sailing as well as can manage the ship properly.

The next component of preparing is to determine your beginning and also finishing ports. This could be a place close to residence and sail in one area or begin as well as complete at two various ports. Generally, beginning and also dropping in the exact same port will save you money as well as is normally more convenient.

You could likewise fly to a destination much from residence and afterwards sail an additional unique sea. There are deluxe yacht charter firms that navigate the Caribbean as well as Mediterranean seas or around Alaska, the Panama Canal, or anyplace you can visualize.

Determining the sort of cruise ship is another aspect of preparing a chartered yacht trip. You can have as little or many staff participants as the ship will hold. A leader takes all the concerns out of browsing as well as onboard housekeeping services make it an actual vacation that measures up to the finest resort services. You could likewise opt to have a cook and also solution staff as component of your vacation package.

If you like the suggestion of understanding what it is actually want to cruise, yet do not wish to risk safety and security, you could charter a cruising cruise ship that puts you in the duty of deck hand. A skilled team will certainly direct you about your “tasks” for maintaining the ship in top shape as well as on course.

Destinations & Ports of essential Charter Companies

One of the greatest advantages of selecting a legal trip as a vacation is the selection. You will certainly probably have a rugged schedule and that could be influenced by weather condition. However, you are flexible in deciding the length of time you want to remain in a specific port and also if you want to include or deduct stops along the road lexapro 20 mg.

Your private yacht is your hotel that travels with you. There is only one flight as well as one hotel to publication! After that you take every one of your baggage and unbox it just when to delight in numerous days of brand-new locations.

If you have never seasoned travelling previously, a legal encounter is a terrific means to obtain your feet wet. It is various from cruise lines with hundreds of guests since individuals on your ship will be your loved ones. The individual touches of a chartered journey will certainly aid you establish your love for the sea with all the very best advantages of business trips.

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Free Real Estate Listings

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Free Property Listings

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Fail to remember Ebay and other kinds of advertising for your house that prices you hard earned money. Why refrain everything absolutely free? Investment Assets Properties have all set a number of locations around the globe to take your free listings for any kind of deluxe home you have.

Each place website is purpose developed so every Internet search engine will get brand-new listings within mins. By doing this your clients just have to key in keyword phrases relating to their search for a high-end house and also the Online search engine will certainly reveal the Invest Possession web site applicable to their location they are searching for.

The majority of property firms are way too hectic with selling their customer’s buildings to put any initiative forth to their internet site. For this reason, making it tough for internet users to discover their listings.

Currently times have actually altered and we at Investment Possessions Features are considering the client before business.

If you have a building in a place not listed at Investment Possessions Features. Don’t stress. A fast email to us will ensure your location is built to accommodate your listing.

Marketing your high-end home, condo or property need to not be a painstaking occasion. It should be very easy and anxiety complimentary as well as it ought to be able to be marketed on an international scale for free. Investment Possessions Residences can as well as will certainly do this for you in an inconvenience complimentary means.

The Home Doctor Is In

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The Home Doctor Remains in

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The Home Physician has the solution to your structure concerns.

Q: A recent tornado ruined my roofing system and also I’m now dealing with a roof covering substitute job for the very first time. Just what should I know about roof shingles before diving right into the reroof with my service provider?

A: Prior to I answer your inquiry, I intend to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy specialist. Ask your roofing professional if he has insurance and get a written price quote for the job. It’s a good idea to request a few recommendations to act on ahead of signing a contract. The Better Business Bureau can also signal you to any type of issues that have been submitted versus the firm.

When you are comfortable with the professional, it’s time to investigate shingle options. Surprisingly, I have actually found that service providers will regularly recommend a roof shingles identical to the one they are changing. There are so many brand-new choices in roof that you would certainly be remiss not to explore. From remarkable color blends to premium “high-end” looks and also impressive service warranty terms, ensure your contractor provides you a number of options.

For the majority of property owners, I suggest asphalt roofing versus slate or wood. Generally, the much more traditional metals are a lot more pricey and also call for a substantial quantity of upkeep over time. Asphalt roof shingles have the tendency to sustain the aspects better as well as some even included impact-resistant features. They are a lot more economical in ahead of time prices. Plus, brand-new styles of high-end asphalt tiles replicate the appearance of timber or slate with a likeness as well as cost that are hard to defeat.

As far as locating a quality shingle, CertainTeed has actually constructed a good track record with its extensive line of asphalt tiles. This is the business that spearheaded the significantly prominent multilayer roof shingles as well as is understood for its ingenious style and vibrant shingle color choices, such as variegated reds, blues and also eco-friendlies. When examining roof shingles styles, their Website is a good place to start.

The style of your house and your individual choice will certainly determine the appropriate shingle for your residence. If you want a roof covering developed of premium materials and also a significant, statement-making look, it might deserve checking out CertainTeed’s brand-new Centennial Slate™ ™ or Spots TL Ultimate™ ™ luxury tiles. The former has a look of true blended slate, the latter is a wood-shake style Both high-end roof shingles feature outstanding service warranties as well as use color and also layers to capture genuine style.

Luxury Home Buying

Practical Tips When Buying a Luxury Home

Brian Morris

Wikipedia defines luxury real estate as the real estate market niche targeted to high-net-worth individuals. These individuals tend to own multiple homes in numerous locations across the world.

Luxury Home Buying

Ever wonder who is buying luxury homes, in Southern Ontario? According to a study done by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, Canadian buyers of this kind of properties belong to these profiles: “31% are cash buyers, 68% are considered ‘new money.’ The number one job among these home buyers is classified as “business executives,” 67% are from the “baby boom” generation, between the ages of 45 and 65, and 88% of luxury home buyers are married.

Other findings include: “designer kitchens are the top priority concerning amenities, 89% of luxury home buyers request a four or five-bedroom home, and 49% of luxury homes sold by Coldwell Banker sales agents have between 4,000 and 6,000 square feet.”

Although these homes are rather expensive, still many would want to become luxury home owners. Needless to say, these houses are not for those with a flat wallet (the home price ranges from $1M-$4M) and a faint heart (the upkeep is rather costly, too). But remember, you are not just paying for the house but for the grand amenities as well which come with it, and not to mention the location where it stands. Here are a few tips when planning on purchasing a luxury home:

1. Although multiple listing services (MLS) can be helpful when choosing this kind of homes, you may have to see the property for yourself. Head to and drive around the area you are interested in and where these properties are located. See and have a feel of the house you’re about to call home. As they aptly say, seeing is believing. And being that luxury homes are not ordinary homes yet cost extraordinary, you might as well make sure that you’re going to invest in a property just as you’ve expected it to be or even beyond that.

2. A huge amount of money is involved when purchasing a luxury home. Some Most luxury homes are priced between $1M-$5M. Not to mention the other costs that goes when purchasing the said properties. Check your finances and have it all cleared from debt and any other liabilities that might alter your payment for your luxurious property. Go to the bank you’re most comfortable to transact with. And get pre-approved for a loan and work on it; banks mean and do protect their business as well. Typically, luxury homes are purchased with jumbo loans – a mortgage that does not conform to the guidelines preset by Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) or Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation).

3. Document everything and in order. With the unstable economic climate and the apparent extravagant price of a luxury home, pre-qualification is inevitable. Pre-qualification is entirely different from pre-approval. Pre-qualification is an assessment of your income, assets, and debts. Through this, a projected down payment is drawn and in what kind of loan you’d likely qualify for.

4. Hire experts and professionals. A buyer’s real estate agent can be more helpful to you with this kind of transaction. They work exclusively with and for you, unlike some agents who also work with sellers. An exclusive buyer’s agent mainly look after your welfare and your wanting to acquire that luxury home you’ve been dreaming of.

Owning a luxury home is pride in itself, as everyone don’t have the privilege to acquire one. Luxurious as it is and as it sounds, you still have to work on it. But the pleasures, looks, amenities that go with this kind of homes are worth every penny you’re going to spend on it.

Beautifying Your Home

Brian Morris

by: Brook Noel

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” –Jim Rohn

As a frequent traveler, I’m often amazed at how dramatically my mood changes depending on where I am staying.

I have stayed in some very nice hotels that were so warm and welcoming that I loved being in my room. Other rooms were so dark and uninviting I found my mood spiraling downward. Our environment and surroundings play a huge part in how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Think about it. When your home is messy, chaotic, cluttered, and filled with piles, how do you feel? My guess would be “stressed” is amongst the adjectives that top your list. Likewise, when our homes are clean and straightened we feel more at peace.

So why not create a dream home for yourself? You don’t need a million dollar budget and a designer’s help. Instead, approach your home with the same mentality we bring to this challenge — one day, one step, and one project— at a time.

The task of beautifying your home will be an ongoing process. I recommend getting a separate binder for this project. I have a binder with dividers for each room of the house that I wanted to “beautify.” Then when I found pictures, ideas, or had inspirations, I would store the information behind the applicable room tab.

The process of going through your home is much like when we created the MASTER TASK LIST.

Choose a room in which to start. Sit down for a good twenty minutes, actually taking in all the items, furniture, textures, and colors of the room. Then imagine how you would like the room to be. Don’t be shy, write down anything that comes to mind no matter how crazy it seems.

There may be things on your list that aren’t practical right now and that’s okay. These notes will give you a clue into the traits and mood you want to create in the room and you may be able to find a less expensive alternative. (For example, in one room I would have loved new hardwood floors.

Instead, I found that sanding the current wood floors and covering them with inexpensive rugs purchased at a wholesale outlet, created the nice warm feeling I was looking to have.)

Here are some specific things to think about in each room:

• COLOR: Do the walls represent the room? If your house has all white walls, consider toying with color. Painting a room is the quickest way to give it a fresh look. Stenciling is another option for those who don’t want to brave a full paint makeover. If you want to keep your white walls, are there prints or paintings that could be added to give the room a new tone? What types of prints and paintings would you enjoy — abstract, contemporary, wildlife? What colors should the paintings emphasize to help coordinate the overall color of the room?

• FURNITURE: Are there pieces of furniture that need to be refinished, repaired, or replaced? Are there any pieces you would like to add?

• WINDOWS: Do you like your current window coverings? If not, what would you prefer? Would you like to go with a valance? Blinds? No coverings?

• DECORATIONS: What elements could be added to change the tone of the room? How about a small water fountain in a room where you like to relax? Fountains can be found very inexpensively at stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Would an arrangement of candles or dried flowers add to the room? Could you remove items to simplify the space? Could you swap items with items from another area of the house for a fresh feel?

• FOLIAGE: What about plants? Plants quickly provide a new feel within a room. If you have a bad history with plants, don’t despair. Visit your local garden center and explain you want a very durable plant for someone without a “green thumb.” These garden experts can help you pick the plant that is best for you.

• FLOOR COVERING: How do you want your floors to look? Would you like rugs, floor coverings, hardwood, or to lay new tile?

Idea-Gathering Gathering ideas can be a very fun step. Begin by paging through magazines and finding attractive rooms. For example, if you are working in your living room, begin by finding living rooms that have a theme or feel you would like to emulate in your own home.

Don’t worry if you can’t find something that is exactly like what you want; you can clip furniture from one picture and paintings from another. Here are a few more sources for idea-gathering:

1. If you have a friend who has a “knack” for displays and interior design, consider seeking her help and recommendations.

2. Visit furniture stores, antique shops, and department stores to gather ideas for displays and decoration. Check your local library and bookstore for additional books and ideas.

3. The internet also has a ton of great resources for decorating. Try doing a search at for decorating. The Better Homes and Gardens website has a lot of great resources as well — you can find it at

4. Visit your local improvement store. Look at their idea books and magazines. Find paint samples and color palettes that are appealing to you.

5. Let the process of gathering ideas take as long as you desire. Remember this is a work in progress. Once you have some ideas, pick one to start. I encourage you to work through one room at a time, completing it in its entirety before moving to the next room. This way you will be able to enjoy one room while working on the others and not cause a lot of clutter or disruption in the home.

Remember that decorating and performing a facelift to a room needn’t be costly or time-consuming. Adding a new print to a wall, colorful pillows to a couch or a few plants can breathe new life into a tired room.

Your Assignment:

Begin gathering ideas. Try to choose at least one idea that can be implemented today to beautify your home.

About The Author

Brook Noel is an international, best-selling author and has written over 10 books. Her works include: I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, coping, and healing after the sudden death of a loved one, Grief Steps, The Single Parent Resource and her newest book The Change Your Life Challenge: A 70 Day Life Makeover Program for Women To learn more about the challenge that thousands of women have used to improve relationships, finances, home management, self-esteem, fitness, self-care, stress and depression you can visit the website at:

Ten Important Elements of a Good Bathroom:

Brian Morris

It’s one of the first rooms we see in the morning and one of the last rooms we see at night. It’s certainly among the most private rooms in the house, and the finishes, fixtures and mechanical equipment required by even a simple bathroom place it among the most expensive real estate in the house.

Given the intimate nature of bathrooms and the frequency with which they are used, I think their design and detailing should also impart a measure of emotional well-being to their users. In this spirit, I offer ten suggestions for making a good bathroom that can enhance some of your everyday experiences.

Even a small entry transition, such as a 3-ft. square space just inside the door, changes the feel of the room. Separate alcoves for different functions around a central space give a bathroom a room-like quality.

1. An entrance transition

Except for the so-called master bath, most bathrooms serve several users and need to be placed in a location central to these users, usually halfway between the private parts of the house and the more public parts. Don’t have a bathroom with multiple-door access.

Instead, create an entrance with a space outside the door — maybe an alcove off the hallway that gives some privacy from the main rooms or circulation area and with a little room inside the door before reaching the bathroom fixtures.

Room-like proportions add a calming touch. A bathtub alcove creates a sense of place that just can’t be achieved in a bath that resembles a hallway.
2. Room-like proportions

Too many bathrooms are simply hallways with the fixtures lining one side of the hall. It is hard to make a pleasant room of that shape.

First, a good room is roughly square or rectangular with length-to-width proportions not exceeding 2:1. In almost every good room, there is a clear central space, a center with smaller spaces like alcoves around the edges.

A bathroom can be designed using these principles in miniature. There can easily be a central space that contains the entry, with some elbow room for washing and drying off and with alcoves around the edges for the toilet, the shower or the tub.

For ventilation and a glimpse of the world at first light, a good window is a must in a bathroom. Try to place it in a position that you walk toward.
3. A good window

Natural light and a view to the outside are important in the bathroom. Our first understanding of the weather and the general look of the day comes in the window. Ideally, windows are on at least two sides of the room to provide even day lighting.

If privacy is an issue, make multiple windows face a courtyard garden, perhaps with an outdoor shower. If you have room for only one window, place it where it illuminates the portion of the room that you see when you enter.
4. From the least intimate places to the most intimate places

Another principle that applies to residential design in general and to the bathroom in miniature is “the intimacy gradient.” Just as you locate the bedrooms the farthest from the front door, you should locate the most private part of the bathroom the greatest distance from the entry to the room.

The most private part varies from family to family, with the toilet being the most private for some and the bath for others.

The most intimate portions of a bathroom should be farthest from the door. Diagonal sight lines enlarge a bathroom. As seen from the shower, views across the tub and into the lavatory portion of this bathroom foster a sense of spaciousness.
5. Borrowed views

In a small space such as a bathroom, it is difficult to get a direct view to the outside from each space. But it is possible to borrow the view across another space or another fixture.

A shower is a good example. It needs to be enclosed with water-resistant materials. So a window in a shower with an exterior wall, particularly a beautiful wood window, is not an ideal candidate for part of a shower enclosure. There are a number of positions that the shower can take in the bathroom that will allow for a good view through a clear glass shower door.
6. Pay attention to vertical and horizontal dimensions

Certain minimum clearances around bathroom fixtures are required by every building code. My experience is that you need about 36 in. of elbow room at the lavatory to use it comfortably. Its counter is typical between 31 in. and 34 in. high.

The rule: You want the water to run off your wrists, not your elbows. A double-lavatory arrangement is mostly ornamental unless it has 6 ft. of counter space.

A toilet compartment is tight at the code minimum of 30 in., about right at 36 in. and a waste of space after that. In fact, after 40 in., you lose touch with the walls on each side and the sense of enclosure they provide visit their website.

Although the minimum dimension for a shower stall is 30 in., it must also have no less than 1,024 sq. in. of finished interior area.

This amount is really minimal, and I wouldn’t recommend less than 36 in. square, or a 30-in. by 48-in. rectangular shower if you can find the room.

The standard length for a tub is 60 in., and many are 66 in. and 72 in. long. If you get a deep, rounded-back claw-foot type, you can easily be comfortable with a 54-in. or a 56-in. long tub unless you’re taller than 6 ft. I recommend, however, that you make an honest evaluation of whether you really ever use a tub and consider instead putting money into a nice shower.

Just as any good room benefits from a variety of ceiling heights, so does a good bathroom. Make the ceiling highest in the center, and lower it around tubs, showers, toilet alcoves and window seats.

Any small room like a bathroom can benefit from the visually expansive effects of horizontal lines. This is often seen in traditional bathrooms as a strong cap on top of wainscoting. The lower part of the wall is done in a water-resistant finish such as tile or enamel paint and is capped by a strong horizontal band with plaster or wallpaper above. This horizontal band combined with a baseboard and sometimes a crown molding at the ceiling adds horizontal lines that visually enlarge the perimeter of the room.

Two vertical dimensions are often the subject of discussion and sometimes construction changes. The first is the height of sconces. I prefer a framed mirror above a lavatory with sconces on the side because they give the best light to the sides of the face and fewer shadows in the facial recesses than light from above the face. The height I use for sconces is the height of my client.

The last vertical dimension is one of those little details that gives me problems near the end of a project: the water supply to the toilet. Place it high enough, including the escutcheon, to be out of the baseboard. I’ve found that 10-1/2 in. is enough to clear all but the tallest baseboards and still leaves room for a flexible connection to the toilet tank.
7. Water-resistant finishes

There is probably nothing nicer than ceramic tile in a bathroom. Properly installed, it is a cleanable, water-resistant surface for floors, walls and shower enclosures.

If a whole wall need not be water resistant, ceramic tile can also make a beautiful wainscot. On floors, it can be colder on the feet than other materials, such as wood, but a simple area rug or a more expensive heat pad under the tile can easily solve this objection.

Too much tile can change the acoustics of a room, and you should keep to softer materials on the ceiling and a portion of the walls (or have lots of bars for big fluffy towels).

This toilet sits on a marble slab that protects the wood floor from moisture damage.

I have used wood floors in many bathrooms, and with today’s tough floor varnishes, they can hold up well to a modest amount of water as long as it is not allowed to sit on the floor for a long period of time. It seems a little uncomfortable putting a toilet directly on a wood floor, so I use a transition pad made of a scrap of granite or marble for toilets on wood floors.

Another attractive, traditional bathroom-floor material is linoleum. It is nothing like today’s vinyl plastics. Again, proper installation is important for resistance to water.

The only wall surfaces that truly need to be water resistant are the shower walls. There are a variety of useful materials ranging from one-piece molded enclosures to wall-size sheets of materials to individual pieces such as tile. In every instance, installation is critical, particularly at joints, to the ultimate success of the material.

It is helpful to have an easily cleanable surface around the lavatory on the countertop and on the walls immediately around the sink. Ceramic tile is a good choice. Natural stone, polished and sealed concrete, and other nonabsorbent materials work well on both surfaces.

On walls, a good-quality enamel paint on smooth plaster makes a cleanable, water-resistant finish.
No-frills, high-quality plumbing fixtures such as this Chicago faucet will last for generations.
8. Fixtures that really work

To me, good-quality bathroom fixtures mean enameled cast iron for tubs and china for lavatories. I recently remodeled the two bathrooms in my 1929 cottage. After 70 years, it was finally time to replace the original enameled cast-iron tubs. Cast iron and china are still so commonly used that the price difference between these quality fixtures and bargain fixtures is modest.

Good fittings such as faucets and tub/ shower valves, however, are noticeably more expensive than run-of-the-mill fittings, sometimes as much as triple the cost. I use them, however, whenever I can afford to put them in the budget because over their life, they are still a bargain when compared with average fittings that last a far shorter period of time.

For finishes, stay with tried-and-true nickel or chrome without the plastic coatings. Someone’s going to have these faucets in 50 years if you make the correct choice.

One piece of equipment that has improved during the past few years is the exhaust fan. They are clearly quieter than five years ago. Companies such as Broan and NuTone have ceiling-mounted, barely audible exhaust fans.

Speaking of noise reduction, the newer “coexcel” ABS plastic drain pipe seems to be quieter than the older ABS. But nothing can replace cast iron for quietness in a drain pipe that comes down the wall of a first-floor living space. The slight increase in material cost is more than offset in the long run of the life of the house.

Use fixtures and accessories that are simple and substantial. Simple chrome rings and stainless-steel cover plates are good choices.
9. Important accessories

Light fixtures, towel bars, medicine cabinets, furniture, switch-plate covers, shower doors — there are hundreds of opportunities to make decisions about these kinds of details in a bathroom.

My advice: Keep them simple and straightforward. Buy good quality that will last a long time. Keep them related to each other in design and materials, except for the occasional humorous surprise. Look for timeless qualities. Choose things that you want to live with. There is no reason you can’t enjoy even the most mundane item in your bathroom.
10. The lost art of bathing

The previous suggestions will help you to make the ordinary bathroom that you use several times each day a pleasant, enjoyable place. Sometimes, though, you want to go beyond that and experience the real pleasure of bathing.

The deep relaxation of hot water, the peaceful pleasure of bathing with family or friends, and the therapy of quiet immersion in water are all aspects of the art of bathing. The oversize master bathrooms in the pseudo mansions of the late 20th century only hint at this fundamental human need.

The essence has been lost in the cheap materials typically used to build them.

To re-create this experience requires a deep, profound examination of the history and tradition of bathing and the environment needed to support it fully. My sense is that the quality of the room as a space–with places to sit around the perimeter, with good natural light and with good connections to a private outdoor space — are paramount to creating this experience.

When Does It Pay-off To Obtain A Home Mortgage?

Brian Morris

By: John Edwards

If you are in dire need of money and don’t have the financial means for a large cash transaction to buy a house, then opting for a home mortgage is worth consideration.

Basically, a mortgage refers to a long-standing credit that a debtor obtains from a financial institution or from a property seller.

In most cases, the house is the usual collateral for the mortgage, thus the term “home mortgage”. In turn, the mortgage lender will be entitled to some legal rights upon the property as long as the mortgage is in full force or until the debtor pays back the loan.

A home mortgage serves as security for loans, thus giving the lender the power to acquire the property through foreclosure in the event that the borrower fails to pay the loan on time.

Generally, a home mortgage is comprised of a large loan. That’s why in most cases a home mortgage can take 15 to 30 years before the borrower can pay back the due amount.

In a home mortgage, the amount due to be paid by the borrower stipulates the principal amount of the mortgage and the interest owed relative to the outstanding balance. The real estate taxes and property insurance are also factored into the total mortgage balance.

Some home owners who find it difficult to make their mortgage payments may opt for refinancing of their mortgage. But for those who wish to pay off a home mortgage quickly, there are things to be considered…

First, make sure you have a stable source of income. Organize your overall financial assets to ensure that paying off your mortgage will not over-extend your cash flow. There are many such considerations that should be carefully planned and organized before resorting to pay-off your home mortgage.

It’s also important to your financial security to have a ready reserve of cash just in case of emergencies. This can be in the form of stocks and bonds, a bank savings account, or any other readily available form of cash.

Paying off your home mortgage can be a rewarding experience, but be sure to consider your overall financial status before making the decision to do so. The wrong decision can put you at great financial risk.

If you think that you are ready for the mortgage “experience” and that you have your finances securely organized, then by all means, go for it. After all, nothing beats a worry-free, mortgage-free financial status.

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